Blodeuwedd bag

Last year, I was competing at the Eisteddfod y Dysgwyr. Eisteddfodau are cultural festivals in Wales in which contestants compete in categories such as poetry, singing, essay writing etc. The National Eisteddfod is a big festival, drawing in huge crowds of Welsh-speakers and learners – the whole festival is held in Welsh. But there are numerous local eisteddfodau, among them the recently created eisteddfod for Welsh Learners, which is held in Cross Hands and which is almost like the big, grown-up National Eisteddfod.

I’d laboriously written a dialogue of about 200 words to compete and I wanted to enter in the craft category as well with an upcycling project: my Blodeuwedd bag. Blodeuwedd is a character who appears in the tales of Welsh mythology called the Mabinogi. She is a beautiful woman who, as punishment for having had an affair, is transformed into an owl. I wanted to home in on the theme of transformation. In my case I was transforming old t-shirts and an old bed sheet into a bag.

First, I cut up the t-shirts and the sheet into ‘yarn’ and crocheted them together. All in all I used up 4 t-shirts and a good part of the sheet.


Owl ornament

I also made an owl ornament from felt (from this very cute pattern) and sewed it on a felt background.











IMG_0995As I wanted to embroider the name Blodeuwedd on the background but wanted to avoid marking the felt, I created a paper template and embroidered through it, removing the template after I’d finished.









And here’s the finished bag – a bit more twee than the original story, which has plenty of sex & death in it, but I figured that cute would be better than gory.


Blodeuwedd bag

I won a prize for my dialogue. Yay! And for this? Well, I didn’t get there on time to take my bag to be judged. So much for my time-keeping. But I’ve been using the bag ever since.


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