Quick pincushion

As I only recently rediscovered the pleasures of sewing – much facilitated by the gift of a sewing machine for my last birthday – I find I now lack certain basic tools – a pincushion among them. No longer! This must be the quickest and easiest make. It was, as the non-smoking, tea-loving Sherlock Holmes aficionados among us would call a two-mug problem. And it only took that long because I had problems getting the tension right when sewing on the velcro.

But to begin at the beginning. As I was making myself a new pincushion, I thought I might as well make a clever one – one that you wear on your wrist and that is, therefore, always handily close by but never in the way. Sofa sewers like me find this important. So I found the following free pattern on www.thesewingdirectory.co.uk: Wrist Cushion Project. When I cut out the pieces, I fussy cut the piece which would be the top of the pincushion but didn’t worry much about the pattern for the other bits.

photo 2

Materials for the pincushion. Most importantly: don’t forget the mug of tea.


As you can see from the pattern, the pincushion is very easy to sew, with the exception, perhaps, of the velcro. I’ve since learnt from another tutorial that you can get sticky tape to position the velcro and to make sure it doesn’t slip when sewing. It’s called Stylefix (for a description see here). Unfortunately, I haven’t seen it for sale in Britain yet, but I’m sure that similar products exist.





photo 4-1

Stuff it!


Once the bits were all sewn into place (with the exception of the top bit), I filled it with synthetic stuffing, which I reappropriated from a dead dog toy. Dog toys don’t last long in my house, at least not the stuffed variety.






photo 2-2



And there it is… This little pincushion has already proved to be mega-useful as I baste pieces of fabric to my templates for my latest quilting project…


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