Super-quick handkerchiefs (upcycling project)

Well, it had to happen one of these days. I’m normally pretty healthy, but this year I’ve managed to catch an autumn cold, no doubt aided by my current rather hectic work schedule. And as I sniffle through the day, I’m finding that I have way fewer handkerchiefs than I need. And as I prefer fabric handkerchiefs to paper ones, I thought: why not make a couple new ones? I previously made four handkerchiefs out of an old pillowcase and they’re great, if a bit rough on the nose sometimes when it’s feeling tender. But this time I had material left over from a different project (see my First Quilt) – fabric that’s soft & nose-friendly.

Making handkerchiefs, especially if they’re practical, no-nonsense handkerchiefs, is simplicity itself.

Cut out your squares in a sensible size, i.e. not too large, even if you feel as if you’ve got an elefant-sized cold. You want many hankies, not big ones as you want to put them in the laundry bin before they get too soggy (bleugh!). Fold over the edges twice to create a seam. I like to iron it, so it sticks in place. Then place a few pins. I’d snip off the edges to reduce bulk at the corners.









Then sew all the way around, making sure your seam is (vaguely) straight. Tadaaa! Almost finished!











Now all that remains for me to do is clean up the corners by quickly whipstitching  the loose bits in place. This is a good idea as it makes the whole thing look neater and it won’t fray, as this baby will be paying lots of visits to the washing machine.

Not too soon, as I feel a massive sneeze coming on….

photo 3 (1)

Yes, I sew with my dog on my lap. He assists.

photo (1)

And here’s the finished edge.


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