English Paper Piecing Galore

It happens rarely enough, but how nice is it when it does: you come across a craft book in which you really want to make (almost) every single project. Usually, you have to use your imagination a bit. You think: ‘yes, that blanket looks nice, if only the colours were different’ or ‘what a cute bag, but it needs to be bigger’ or ‘what a lovely pillowcase, but what appalling fabric choices’. Well, this book is the odd one out.



Jessica Alexandrakis likes ‘quilting on the go’, which means leaving your sewing machine behind and taking your EPP (English Paperpiecing)-project just anywhere you fancy. That’s why I like EPP myself – I may not go to New York’s Central Park to do my piecing – the sofa at home does for me. But it must be admitted that, after a long day working, I also like to unwind by doing my sewing sat somewhere comfortable rather than at perched on one of my dining room chairs (perched because there’s sure to be a cat sat behind my back) at my sewing machine…


The instructions are fairly easy to follow and the photographs are usually pretty clear. Sometimes the format of the book  – photographs are more imporant than text – clearly required the author to be very brief in her instructions and sometimes they could have been slightly longer, I think. Mostly, though, you get what the author wants you to do after a second read-through.









And the projects? Well they are just wonderful. I want to make them all! From tiny sewing kit…

photo 1

to shoulder bag…

photo 2






From little pouch…

photo 3

to the amazing Travel Quilt…

photo 4

the designs are lovely to look at, look contemporary and use fresh colours. And the book doesn’t only give you the templates for the projects, it also offers photocopyable templates for differently shaped pieces which you can a) just photocopy as they are & colour in to see the effect of a new design or b) enlarge to use as templates for your actual pieces. Fantastic. The book was published last year and I just wish I could translate it, it’s that good… Only someone got there first – DARN: http://www.topp-kreativ.de/easy-patchwork-6341.html?force_sid=oashi6opc2p9mel1djq079pul7&

… and if you want to have a look at what the author is up to – this is her blog: http://lifeunderquilts.blogspot.co.uk/



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