Hardanger tablecloth

… and while I’m on the subject of tablecloths languishing in cubpoards (see my post 1940s embroidery: my gran’s tablecloth), here’s the Hardanger tablecloth I made for my mum in the late 1990s.

photo 1-8

Hardganger tablecloth


I got the pattern from a pattern book – it’s not very difficult to make and the symmetry is pleasing to the eye.


photo 3-7






It is perhaps rather in the nature of things that pieces like this are not used regularly: one is far too conscious of the possibility of spillages, which may be difficult to clean properly. My little Hardanger sampler (which was made with the left-over material from this tablecloth) is full of candle wax, stains and cat hair. I’ll leave it up to you to decide which you’d rather have – something precious and hidden away or something rather more ordinary and showing signs of wear and tear. 🙂


photo 2-8


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  1. Lovely. Yeah, better use it, so nice to see.

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