Bag repair job

What do you do if the lining of your favourite bag conks out. Throw the bag away? Certainly not! You just replace the lining. This is a friend’s bag – I’m more of a messenger bag girl myself. After having watched the tutorial, I now want to make this bag! Perhaps this’ll be a Christmas project… I’ve bought the pattern, now I just need time. Well….


photo 2

Cute bag, lining torn to shreds. What now?











It’s a cute bag and sewn to a none-too complicated pattern. So I eyeballed it for a bit and then took it apart.

photo 4

The autopsy.









Luckily I found some lining material in a charity shop. I then drew the shape of the bag and of the strap directly on the lining fabric. Perhaps I should have made a template, but it all worked out in the end. And then I put Humpty Dumpty back together again. Doing the last seam (around the top) was a bit fiddly, but, much to my relief, it all worked out.

photo 5

photo 2-1


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