New hat!

I moved house over the Christmas period and, although I managed to make quite a few things, I haven’t got round to updating the blog yet. It’ll take some time to catch up with myself.

For now, I upload something I made with leftover fabric: a cool hat, which is especially useful in Swansea weather (i.e. not too cold but rainy).  From a distance it looks like I’m wearing a hoodie with the hood up, I think.

The pattern and tutorial come from Pattydoo and can be found here: (in German). Instead of fleece fabric, I used two different kinds of sweatshirt fabric.

And here’s Penny modelling the new hat. I can’t quite decide whether she’s none-too-impressed or whether this is merely her ‘you have to be patient with humans’-face…


“Yes, very cool… Can I take it off now?”


More of my Christmas period making-stuff frenzy anon.


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