The Project Pot

People who like knitting and doing crochet will know the problem. You tug at the yarn & the ball of wool goes off on its merry journey – off the sofa, round some bends & under the next best cupboard. That’s if the cat doesn’t get it first. And another problem that sofa crafters like me face is what to do with the stuff once you’re done for the day. Well, here’s the answer: you need a project pot. Meaning a receptacle for your project, which keeps freedom-seeking yarn in check & in which you can tidy away your project at the end of the day. And why not make the project pot instead of buying something made from plastic?

So, here goes. The project pot I made for a friend involved crocheting a base – a pot with a square base of approximately 15cm/15cm and 15cm tall. That means crocheting a 15cm/15cm square piece and adding the sides in one piece – approx. 62cm/15cm. The two or three extra centimetres come in handy when you sew the base to the sides – it’s always better to have a little more material when you round corners.

photo 1

Craft work is always better with a little doggy snoozing on your lap…











I then quilted a sleeve for the pot. I used the technique known as English Paper Piecing, which is still my favourite, particularly for small projects. The sleeve forms a tidy little mini-quilt in and of itself. I even attached binding to it. Next time I might do it differently and only attach binding to the top, as it does become rather unwieldy when you sew it to the base.

photo 2-9

First block











The sleeve is then sewn on the base. I only sewed the sides and the bottom of the sleeve to the base  – for reasons that will become clear later. I also sewed a few vertical lines.








The last thing that remained was to join the sides together at the back to form a loop and then to sew the bottom to the sides. I also turned over the rim for extra stability.



The reason for not sewing the top of the sleeve to the base was so that it can double up as a set of pockets. You can put your knitting needles in, tape measure, row counting apparatus, whatever… Now you just need a pot for every project you’re engaged in. Umm… If you’re like me you’ll have a lot of pots…


Project pot with project in it!



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