Susie comes to town…

I’m not a girly girl. No way. Nor do I like girly things. But when you keep seeing people’s makes on a Facebook group, like I do in the Pattydoo FB-Group, you kinda get sucked in. So, I, yes *I* made a cosmetics pouch. Before those who know me die of shock and surprise, let me explain that *my* pouch has a skull and crossbones motif and holds ‘feminine hygiene products’. And it is cute. So, how to make one…

The deciding factor that made me sew the pouch in the first place was that it was a free pattern with a video tutorial: here are the instructions in German, and here is the English-language version. It is a great pattern for beginners because you learn how to make something that looks quite complicated, but isn’t: it uses box pleats, you learn to work with interfacing and you learn how to insert a zipper. The step-by-step directions are fantastic. I watched the video tutorial as I was sewing. The first bag took ages, partly because there’s a lot of pressing of seams involved, and my iron and ironing board were on the first floor. Apparently going up and down steps keeps you fit.

Here’s my fabric plus interfacing (i.e. cleaning cloth):










Then you sew the pleats together (just like the nice young woman in the video on the ipad in the background).










Then add the top bits.










And then I got carried away and took no more pictures until the bag was finished. And here it is.











And so terrifically pleased with myself was I that I made a glut of the things for people for Christmas/birthdays. And by the time I’d made pouch number 5, I’d got quite nimble and quick: even with cutting out & racing up & down the steps to iron the pieces, each pouch took no longer than 2 hours. I suspect that there’ll be a few more people who’ll receive these things as presents before I’m bored with them!

photo 1

photo 2

My sofa filled with various Christmas presents.


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2 Responses to Susie comes to town…

  1. Jana says:

    I have to try them myself. Short projects are the perfect thing for me. 😉 You did a great job. Best wishes from Toronto, Jana

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