My first hoodie…

I read the other day that making clothes is easier today than it used to be as most basic daywear is based on fairly simply patterns. Presumably so children in developing countries can sew them, and companies can pile them high and sell them cheap. Still, for someone who hasn’t been back at her sewing machine for very long, the idea of garment sewing was a bit daunting. But luckily, there’s the internet. And so this post could be titled: how I learnt to sew a hoodie with the aid of a pattern bought off a blog, a video tutorial and lots of advice/guidance/inspiration from a Facebook group.

Given that hoodies is what I wear – that’s what I wanted to make. In nicely garish colours and unusual combinations of pattern and colour, so it could only be handmade. I ordered the fabric online as my local fabric shop has a great craft and home decor selection but is not as great when it comes to jersey and sweatshirt fabric. I found the pattern on the Pattydoo blog ( At €2.99 it’s a steal. The pattern comes as an e-book, which you download, print, stick together with cling film and cut out. Luckily there’s always discussion about the sizing of the garments on the Pattydoo Facebook group, where people can discuss Pattydoo-related questions and present their makes (a clever idea to grow your clothing design business if there ever was one!), and so I knew to make the shirt two sizes bigger than the measurement table suggested because I was using sweatshirt fabric rather than jersey.

photo 3

After cutting out.











After cutting  I watched two helpful video tutorials ( and both in German) and sewed. Luckily there weren’t any hitches on the way…

photo 1

photo 2






To my surprise, it really wasn’t that difficult. Although I must admit to being a teensy bit proud of my cuffs. I’m loving this shirt and have worn it many times already. And I’ve already bought fabric for a jersey hoodie. This could turn into a very addictive hobby…

photo 2-2

Yes, all right, the print is a bit twee. I prefer to call it ‘whimsical’. Umm.

And then I made another shirt. Don’t the two look good together?



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