Patchwork shopping bags

Here’s a post from my spree of making presents for Christmas…

Isn’t Christmas wonderful: all the projects you get to make for  people… But Christmas is also always there FAR too quickly, and so I found myself thinking about machine-piecing rather than doing EPP (English Paper Piecing), which is done by hand. You spend quite a lot more time cutting out the pieces, but boy is it faster than EPP. I was planning on making  a fairly simple shopping bag, called “Wendy” on the Pattydoo blog (it’s a free pattern, too, and comes with a video tutorial, so what are you waiting for?). And why is it called Wendy, you ask? Well, because you can “wenden” the bag, meaning you can turn it inside out and have two bags in one. Well, my bag only has one really nice side, so it isn’t designed to be turned inside out and I pimped it slightly, too…


photo 1

So, first of all, arrange your workspace complete with sewing machine, cutting mat, rotary cutter, fabric, cup of tea and sleeping cat. Then cut some fabric. And cut more fabric. And then some. I decided to piece my patchwork from half-square triangles – partly because they’re easy to make. I hadn’t used them before and was keen to explore the different ways to arrange them. A quick way of making half-square triangles is shown in this video tutorial. I used a variety of fabrics mainly in shades of blue and one contrasting fabric.



photo 1-1


Once you’re done sewing your half-square triangles, the fun begins – arranging them to form a pleasing pattern. There are tons of variations – play around a little. Have a look on Pinterest where you can find lots of patterns for inspiration.





I’m not going to go through all the steps of making this bag – have a look at the video tutorial or at the blog post. Suffice it to say, that it is quite easy.

photo 3-1

Finished bags.











I added a tiny additional bit – a D-Ring on a strap on which you can hang your keys for easy access or a small pouch. If you like the look of the pouch, I got the idea from this blog post from So Sew Easy, which includes a video tutorial. The presenter makes boxy pouches, but I figured a flat one would work better here.

Bag with tiny zippered pouch.

Bag with tiny zippered pouch.


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