Another post from the Christmas backlog…

When I asked her what she wanted for Christmas, my mam said that she would like a little rug to cover a particular area in her hall where the (stone) floor is a bit damaged. I’d previously come across a cute EPP (English Paper Piecing) pattern and set to work. The goal: not to make quilt as such, but something that can be used as floor-covering – not to be stepped on every day necessarily, but still tougher than your average quilt.

The pattern is a variation on the star pattern made with diamonds I used for the project pot. It involves two different kinds of diamond shapes and, as usual, easy enough to piece together.






photo 1

I’m particularly delighted that the fabric all came from a local charity shop – some of it having been recycled from clothes.

photo 2

In order for the pattern to stand out more clearly, it’s advisable to use a solid colour between the stars. I opted for blue, but off-white would have looked great, too. But maybe not for a floor-covering unless you want to keep washing it.

And here’s the finished quilt top, approximately 60cm/80cm, just as requested.

photo 4

Instead of making up my quilt sandwich with batting, I chose to do something else. I used cheap cleaning cloths – the kind you buy in packets of 5 for £1. They’ve got just the right consistency to make them ideal interfacing for all kinds of craft projects. I’ve also used them in little bags I made and they lend a project just the right sort of stiffness. Given that cleaning cloths are meant to be dunked in water and treated roughly, I assume that they will be able to stand the odd washing cycle.

photo 2-1

Quilt sandwich with backing, cleaning cloths and quilt top.

As I’ve had to use several cleaning cloths, it’s important to arrange them, so that the edges overlap slightly, before quilting, so no awkward gaps appear afterwards.

I forgot to take a picture of the finished product, but imagine something looking a lot like a quilt (with matching binding) but with a slightly different feel, as it’s made without batting but with interfacing instead. The rug lies flat on the ground without crumpling (and thus being a potential stumbling hazard) and it covers the not-so-nice bit of floor to a t.

Job done.








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  1. shilarya says:

    This is soo beautiful

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