Sewing a pair of jogging pants

I work from home most days at the moment, which means that I live in my jogging pants. I have one wonderful pair which has lasted some years now, but I usually find myself bereft when they have to go in the wash. So, I thought, can it really be so difficult to sew a new pair? Turns out, no. Not if you get help in the shape of the wonderful Tailorfairy blog and her video tutorial. Find the full description of the project here. And this time I actually got to make the pattern, too!

As you can see from the instructions, making the pattern is fairly straightforward. All you need is a ruler, pen, paper (I taped together sheets of A4), some paper scissors. And you need to know your measurements (leg length, hip). My advice would be to make the back of the joggers quite a bit larger than the front, otherwise there’s a bit of strain on the back seam.

photo 1









Instead of the sewn on pockets, I went for hidden pockets. The finished pattern looks like this:

photo 2









Then cut out your fabric and sew! And add a cuff at the top, perhaps with a piece of elastic or cord. (My first set of buttonholes. Took me a while to figure out how to use the buttonhole-foot… Oh my…)

photo 3










photo 4









And here’s me wearing my new, precious pants and allowing my little dog to shed his fur all over them…

photo 5



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One Response to Sewing a pair of jogging pants

  1. tailorfairy says:

    Thank you for you kind comment about my blog! Honored to hear it helped you with your beautiful jogging pants.

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