Bags are a Girl’s Best Friend

At the risk of sounding like I’m protesting too much, let me say it again: I’m not a girly girl. Except when it comes to bags and shoes. I love bags and shoes. I can’t get enough of bags and shoes. But given the limited size of my shoe storage cupboard and things like prize tags, ethical considerations when buying shoes (leather? no leather? biodegradable/nonbiodegradable materials? help?) etc. my collection of bags is slightly larger than my shoe collection. And now there is a new arrival.

photo 1-4

I’m quite proud of it because I made it according to my own design. Or rather, I was inspired by various bags and purse patterns that I saw online, and got to work.

photo 1

Firstly, I wanted a home for an EPP (English Paper Piecing) rosette I’d made. I’d always planned for it to go on a bag, preferably one made from an old pair of jeans.

I also wanted a sturdy, large inner pocket (to fit an ipad).

photo 5


The principle behind this inner pocket is the same as used for card slots in a purse, as shown in this delightful Thai tutorial. No, I don’t speak Thai but found the tutorial pretty self-explanatory…

The next thing I wanted was a side pocket that I could access from the outside for easy access. Easy access for me, that is, not for thieves. I had a look at Sew so Easy’s splendid tutorial about inside pockets… And here’s mine, lined with my favourite skull & crossbones fabric…

photo 3-1

Finally, I wanted a recessed zipper. Here’s where I changed the pattern a bit but it actually made it hard to sew, so I think I’ll be following Izzy MEIMsaab’s tutorial to the letter next time.

photo 3-4


And then I put it all together. I didn’t quite do the straps right (they’re not adjustable) and my key ring is now on the outside rather than on the inside, but I’m still quite proud of the fact that I designed the bag myself and that it worked, mostly anyway. I should try making a second one, so that I can learn from my mistakes from the first, but what would I want with two bags? Ummm. This is asking the wrong person…


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