My Marvellous Moo-Shirt…

One of the pleasures of making your own clothes is that you can delve into the children’s section of the fabric shop of your choice and go to town. My fabric shop/s tend to be online since, for some reason, the Jersey selection in my local fabric shop is pretty poor and they don’t really stock Sweatshirt fabric at all.  Odder still, I can’t find any funky Jersey fabric in British online fabric shops either. Cotton woven fabric = yes, 100% funky. But Jersey? Even when I search by image, find some cool fabric and follow the links back to the online shop, it’s bound to be a German shop. Or a Danish one. Maybe Brits haven’t yet caught the ‘I can sew my own t-shirts’-bug yet.

So, when I do the equivalent of window shopping online, I love looking at the children’s section because they often have bright, funny, funky designs. This time I fell for a fabric with moo cows on. Yes, really. I am rather fond of cows and this fabric is just too funny. The fact that it was end-of-line and thus discounted helped…

photo 2

Moo cows! I’m sure the average age of little people wearing jammys made from this fabric is about 5. And then there’s me.

I combined the cow-print fabric with some really nice soft grey interlock fabric. The pattern (here’s a picture) comes from Schnittreif (you can purchase it from DaWanda here). You can make two versions of t-shirt dress (one slightly more figure-hugging than the other) and there are a variety of sleeve designs and neckholes to choose from. So you can make a spring version, a summer version, an autumn version… You can add a pouch, which apparently gives the garment a ‘sporty’ air.

The pattern is fairly easy to follow, particularly if you’ve already watched some video tutorials about making t-shirts and hoodies on YouTube.

photo 2-1

And here it is. I found the sizing to be generous. I wear a size 12 normally, which translates to a German size 40. I made size M (38/40), which was slightly too baggy. Luckily making a garment narrower is easier than the other way around! So my advice would be to treat the pattern as if the seam allowance was already included in the pattern. Or maybe it actually is and I was too dumb to read the instructions correctly.

photo 5spiegel

The dress fits well without being too tight and goes just down to my knees. I made the sleeves slightly longer because I like them to go down to my thumbs. Let’s see what impact my cheery cows make on other people… Moo!


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