If it fits it fits…

Sometimes I’m of an eminently practical frame of mind. And sometimes I just want to show that I can do stuff. Given that ready-made fitted sheets cost about as much (or less) than the raw materials for making one, it seems silly to go to the effort. Then again, it’s not actually that easy to get hold of decent fitted sheets made from jersey material, which fit the mattress I bought for the bed in the spare room. That’s my excuse anyway. If truth be told, I just wanted to make a fitted sheet.

Laying out the material for a fitted sheet, that’s going to measure 90cm x 200cm x 10cm is lots of fun if you live in a smallish place. But take heart: what can go wrong if you’ve got a little helper like this.

photo 1

Cutting the fabric is a doddle – partly because it doesn’t really matter whether you get it slightly wrong or not. You may of course, be judged quite severely by your little helper. Essentially you measure the depth of your mattress and then add some extra material to spare. Then you cut out squares at each corner of your sheet.

photo 2

“Are you SURE these are right angles? Look a bit wonky to me…”








Then the fun begins. You begin by sewing the corners using an overlock-type stitch.

photo 3

photo 4









And then you sew on some elastic, making sure to stretch the elastic a fair bit, but not too much. You may want to stretch it tauter still as you go round the corners. Try to only stretch the elastic, not the fabric itself. Use an elastic stitch like a zig zag stitch.

photo 1-1









Then you simply flip over the elastic again and sew over your previous seam. The right side will now look like this (and the left side will be tidier, too).

photo 3-1









And then it’s time to let the bed try on the new fitted sheet.

photo 4-1

photo 5










Despite my little helper’s critical look, it seems to fit. And having proved my point, I may go back to buying fitted sheets again. We’ll see. It is *so* much more fun making them, after all.


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