Crazily Colourful Cords

After all the tops that I’ve been making, I was wondering if I could make a simple pair of trousers. After all, a couple of my jeans have recently bitten the dust & I’ve got room in my wardrobe. I opted for a pattern which describes itself as a Faulenzerhose (i.e. a pair of trousers for lazy people) because it is, roomy comfortable and easy to make (no zippers, no buttons). The (German-language) pattern can be purchased here.

The pattern comes as an A1-printout, so I had to copy my pattern for the first time. Cue much flapping about with large pieces of paper. But, finally, I was set to go.

photo 5


Something I love about these trousers are the pockets, which are sewn on and which can be from different, contrasting fabric. What goes with purple cord fabric, I wondered? Well, bright red cotton, of course!

photo 4-1


And the pattern also encourages you to add contrasting fabric on the bottom of each leg – I used some decorative ribbon to offset the two fabrics further. After you’ve sewn all the bits together, you add the waistband. I opted for a waistband with a cord tunnel.



And since I like to be able to hang keys & things like that on my trousers, I also included a small trigger clip.


And there we are. This is such a neat pattern, I can see myself making more trousers like that – maybe not all of them this colourful. Maybe.


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