Cafetières want to be cosy, too…

I do like my coffee after lunch, when that post-prandial desire to take a quick (or not so quick) nap hits me. I tend to have two cups of coffee. Unfortunately, the second cup is usually markedly colder than the first, with the last few sips being stone cold. So I was delighted when the Love Sewing magazine (No. 10), which managed to jump into my basket at the supermarket, had a pattern for a cafetière cosy.

I did change the pattern slightly because I’m currently in thrall to attaching binding to everything, and I used Kam Snaps instead of velcro fastening. And don’t you just love this dog pattern? I might have to go back to the shop and get some more… The batting is made up of a layer of Insul-Brite (which helps to keep things hot/cold) and regular 100% cotton batting. It’s a simple design – I hope it works, and I can also have a second cup of coffee that is still hot.

photo 1

photo 2


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