Liebster Award


Ooooh, I’ve been nominated for an award! Actually, I’ve been nominated months ago, but never got round to doing anything about it. My excuse is the strapline of my blog: it’s an ‘occasional’ blog, after all. But since I’m genuinely quite chuffed and have a little time today, I’d like to first thank Jana (her blog is called Me & My Veritas) for nominating me. It’s an inspiring blog with lots of tutorials for things to make & upcycle.

What is the Liebster Award?

This award is given from bloggers to bloggers. The idea behind this award is to welcome and recognize new bloggers to the blogosphere (depending on the source, blogs with <200 or <1000 followers are considered NEW). Once the nominee has answered 11 questions, (s)he nominates another 11 bloggers, and comes up with 11 new questions. As these bloggers then do the same, it is kind of a chain letter.

The word ‘liebster’ means ‘favourite’ in German, so, essentially you’re nominating your favourite 11 new blogs.

The rules:

1. Link and thank the blogger who nominated you.

2. Answer 11 question provided by the nominator.

3. Create your new set of 11 questions.

4. Nominate and link 11 other blogs (and let the nominees know they have been nominated)!


Jana posed the following 11 questions:

1. If you have to move to Mars and are allowed to bring only 3 things what would it be?

Kindle or similar ebook with enough books on it to last me a lifetime, electricity converter for said Kindle, and chocolate. Lots of chocolate.

2. Would you stop working if you could live from blogging?

No – I enjoy work. And this is fun and should remain fun.

3. What are your life goals?

To be content, to be happy in the Aristotelian sense, to be fulfilled. To make things/create things and to admire what others have created.

4. If you would be an animal in the jungle, which one would you be and why?

I love most animals, but given the living conditions of them in the jungle, I think I’d opt for one that isn’t in danger of poachers. Being threatened by predators is part of life, but I wouldn’t want humans trying to kill me, too. A small mammal maybe.

5. Would you survive one week without your cell phone?

Too right I would. Not so sure about surviving without my ipad, mind.

6. Stairs or elevator?


7. What came first: chicken or egg?


8. How many types of love do exist?

As many as there are creatures who love.

9. What is the secret to happiness?

To strive for contentment, for a kind of balance, without ever stopping to try to achieve more. To reflect on what makes you happy and to go for that. Happiness is not merely an emotion, it’s the result of thoughtful engagement.

10. What languages do you speak and verstehst Du auch etwas Deutsch?

My first language is German – also, ja, ich verstehe deutsch. Ich unterrichte sogar manchmal deutsch. English is my second language and the only other language I’m 100% comfortable in. A dwi’n dysgu Cymraeg, a dw i’n gallu cael sgwrs siml a darllen llyfrau syml hefyd (I’m learning Welsh and can have conversations at a fairly basic level and read easy texts, too).

11. What does the name of your blog stand for?

It’s my way of saying that making things makes you happy!

Now comes the fun part. Congrats, fellow bloggers! I am glad you are blogging. Please keep up the extraordinary work.

Now, here are my questions for the lovely people that I’m going to nominate:

1. Why did you decide to blog?

2. What keeps you blogging?

3. What makes you happy?

4. What do you want to achieve in life?

5. What is your greatest achievement to date?

6. Pets: dogs or cats?

7. Where would you like to live and in what kind of house (money no object)?

8. What are your favourite three books and why?

9. What is your favourite time of year?

10. Beverage: Tea or Coffee?

11. If you could meet a historical person, who would it be?





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