Another baby quilt

I love making baby quilts – they are so quick to make and they are so practical. My colleague was probably a bit surprised when I offered to make her a quilt for her soon-to-be born baby, but I did manage to win her over. Luckily we had a chat about colour-choice as I would have gone wild with primary colours, whereas she is more a fan of earthy tones. We compromised – these are the fabrics I bought at a local Swansea fabric shop:

photo 1-1

And then I set to work, using the same pattern that I used for my first baby quilt. Again I used the English Paper Piecing (EPP) method.

photo 2-4

I particularly enjoyed fussy-cutting the owl fabric. Fussy-cutting does waste fabric, but now there are lots of little owls looking up from the fabric.

photo 4-1

There I am, about two thirds through sewing the top part of the quilt. You can see the paper pieces quite clearly.

And there’s me taking them out – that’s probably the most boring part of making quilts using EPP. Hours and hours (I kid you not) of taking out basting yarn and peeling off pieces of paper. Some people glue the paper pieces to the fabric, but that somehow doesn’t appeal to me. So, there’s nothing for it – I’ve got to take my time taking the danged things out.

photo 4-2photo 5-1

And here’s the bit I love best (apart from sewing the pieces together) – attaching the binding. Not only does it mean that the quilt is nearly finished, I genuinely like making bias binding and sewing it on.

photo 3-4

And here’s the finished quilt. At first I tried free-motion quilting, but since I haven’t had much practice at it, it wasn’t that successful. Getting into the free-motion swing when you’ve got a lot of fabric to shift around and only limited space is more difficult than it looks in the YouTube tutorials. And this is only a small quilt! Also, I found that when the top is quite colourful and consists of many pieces, very ‘fussy’-looking quilting doesn’t necessarily look that good. I think I may hone my free-motion-quilting skills on a couple of table mats first.

And this is it:

photo 4-3

I machine-quilted some bendy lines instead of the free-motion doodles I had planned and it looks much better. I also attached a loop to the top, so that loose baby things (pacifiers, toys, etc.) can be attached to the quilt if need be. Overall, I’m very pleased with the outcome and hope that mother and baby will enjoy the quilt, too.


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3 Responses to Another baby quilt

  1. Rajeshwari Agi says:

    Wow! Was für eine wunderschöne und liebevolle Arbeit! Mama und Baby haben sich sicher riesig gefreut! Eine schöne Seite hast hier übrigens! Ich glaub` ich stöber´ hier öfter mal ein wenig rum…

    • alycevr says:

      Dankeschön. Quilten macht mir viel Spaß, aber ich muss da auch noch eine Menge lernen & ich übe lieber bei kleinen Quilts. Und in der letzten Zeit sind irgendwie einige Kinder in meinem Bekanntenkreis zur Welt gekommen… Noch ist das Baby, für das dieser Quilt hier ist, nicht auf der Welt, aber die werdende Mama hat sich schon gefreut… 🙂

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