A cowl in time…

It’s the summer. We’re in the middle of what the media refer to as a heatwave. Meaning that in these lovely coastal climes, the needle is hovering somewhere around the 25°C mark. I’m at my desk in t-shirt and shorts. In short: it’s lovely! So what do I make? A warm woolly cowl. Er, what?

Well, I had the very good fortune to be given a 50g ball of silk merino-blend wool in a gorgeous bottle-green colour at the first anniversary bash of Swansea Bay Yarns:

lang-yarns-silkmerinoThis yarn is pure luxury. So I was desperate to make something *NOW* – something which could be accomplished using only one ball of wool. Inspiration struck lateish one night and I came up with the perfect make – a cowl.

Using a round 5mm needle I made a quick tension sample and then cast on 110 stitches. Working in the round I used a simple two knit, two purl pattern. Knitted until I ran out of wool, cast off and was done.

photo 1

I like the idea of a cowl. It can be worn like a turtleneck to go with any clothes that you might be wearing. It’s not as cumbersome as a scarf, but it does keep your neck nice and warm.

Better still…

photo 4

… you can hide your face in it, e.g. in a hail storm, during a bank robbery, or when wanting to scare small children. Only joking. Umm.

photo 5

And finally you can pull it over your head and be really snug and warm – and look vaguely holy, like some sort of saint. I have to work on the saintly expression, though. The previous picture didn’t help.

But – boy it’s warm – so off with that cowl and into a drawer with it, to be taken out when it’s properly cold outside.



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One Response to A cowl in time…

  1. Morgan says:

    I’m delighted with your result…it looks so decadent in the silk!

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