Legging it….

The last time I wore leggings I was still at school. Back then I only had a pair that wasn’t very nice, and so my memories of that particularly fashion craze were not positive. So when leggings came back into fashion as, inevitably, they did, I ignored the trend. But then a Pattydoo pattern appeared (Leggings ‘Lillian’) and I was tempted. After all, there are so many crazy and cool fabrics to choose from. Then I made a pair – and do not want to take them off again. They are just SO comfortable and versatile.

As the description of the pattern suggests, there are various ways to make these leggings. Not just as regards different ways to finish off the bottom of the legs, but one has to determine whether they should be low-rise or placed higher around your waist. So, I was a good girl and made a toile out of my cheeky sheep fabric that I’d previously used for my baa moo baa shirt. And because I didn’t have enough, they became shorts.

photo 1

photo 4

Even though they were only meant as a test piece, I’m still quite chuffed with them. And I found out that the pattern fits exactly. So, I could take a deep breath and begin cutting up my nice fabric. The pattern is incredibly easy to follow: essentially you sew along the middle and then the central seam along both legs and you’re done. Just insert a piece of elastic at the top and sew hems on both legs and – hey presto!

photo 1-1photo 2-1


They are my favourite ever clothes – I hardly take them off! And because I do occasionally need to wash them & feel bereft otherwise, I made some more!

photo 1-2photo 3-2


And here’s the complete ensemble together with my new hoodie, whose fabric I ordered at the same time. I think my poor sewing machine needs a break now!

photo 4-1

I think Deri approves of the clothes, but wonders whether I should be wearing these shoes. His face says it all…



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