Hoods up!

So, I bought this lovely fabric a while ago to make two things: a pair of leggings and a hoodie jacket. Made the leggings and then looked carefully at the tutorial for using Pattydoo’s hoodie pattern (“Riley”) and adjusting it to make a jacket. And I looked at it. And didn’t quite dare do it. Left it a bit longer. And a bit longer. And then salvation: the folks at Pattydoo produced a pattern for a hoodie jacket (the one for women is called “Janice”), which comes with one of their wonderful video tutorials. And thank goodness for the pattern – worth every cent of those €2.99 I spent on it. While the jacket isn’t difficult to sew, you’ve got to have your wits about you as mistakes can creep in. I didn’t take many pictures – the best thing is to watch the video & follow the pattern guidelines.

As a first step, one prepares the pockets. I chose to set them off with some contrasting fabric, which I was using to line the hood as well.

photo 1


Then comes the zipper. That’s probably the most difficult element of the jacket, as you want it to look neat on both sides. That’s why facing is sewn in on the inner side. If you follow the tutorial step by step, it should not be a problem, but it does require some concentration…

photo 2


Here’s the front with bottom cuffing half-sewn on. It’s really important to watch the cuff as it easily twists & then it’s time to have another interview with Mr Seamripper. That’s what happened to me, anyway. Next time I shall watch that cuff like a hawk.

But all’s well that ends well:

photo 4photo 3


I’m very pleased with my hoodie jacket. It’s generously proportioned, partly because I used jersey fabric instead of sweatshirt fabric. That suits me as I don’t like clothes to be too tight. I like the contrast with the purple fabric & I like most of all that I dared do it in the first place! Come the autumn I shall be making one using sweatshirt fabric…



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