Tip-top tank top

I’ve long wanted to make this tank top, another Pattydoo pattern called ‘Livia’. If it appears that I’m making a lot of stuff by one designer – well, that’s entirely true. I like – and am now used to – the Pattydoo patterns, which have clear descriptions and explanations and then there are the priceless video tutorials. For one thing they are professionally produced, which comes as something of a relief to me, who has watched too much dark, shaky footage produced by someone who has roughly the same idea of what they’re doing than I do. Don’t get me wrong, I love the democracy of YouTube, where everyone can be an expert simply by uploading a ‘how-to’ video. It reminds me of the old punk spirit, which declared that of course you could wear anything you liked, provided you thought it was beautiful, and that anyone could go on stage and play, provided they had an instrument and someone was willing to listen. And yet, even then you could distinguish quality from mere bravado very quickly. More problematically, if you’re trying to learn something from someone, it does pay if the teacher really knows what they’re doing. Ina from Pattydoo has clearly learnt her trade & is also a good teacher who gives you exactly the right amount of information at the right time. And I do love most of her designs. There isn’t a separate video tutorial for ‘Livia’, but the tutorial for the girls’ dress ‘Lea’ includes many of the same steps.

This pattern involves attaching binding to the neckline and armhole. As some people on the Pattydoo Facebook Group had suggested that doing that is tricky I wanted to make a toile for this particular pattern. I also wanted to test the sizing of the finished piece, just in case I needed to make adjustments. On the whole, the patterns fit me quite well, but I didn’t fancy cutting up my nice new fox fabric and then end up with something that was only fit for indoor wear.

photo 1-1And here is my muslin. I used four different fabrics from scraps from previous projects and made binding from one of the four fabrics. Attaching the binding wasn’t difficult. I actually rather like attaching binding, and using stretchy Jersey fabric makes the process fairly uncomplicated, provided you stretch the fabric evenly (a bit more when going around corners) – as explained in the video tutorial. The professional thing would have been to finish it using a twin needle, but I’ve become rather attached to using an ordinary zig-zag stitch for cuffs, seams and things like that. I think it’s pretty and it does not look like the stuff you get in the shops, which is kinda the point for me to sew my own clothes in the first place.

photo 2-1


The pattern also fits me well as I don’t like it too tight. So, emboldened by this success, I fetched my lovely fox fabric and set to work…

photo 3

Isn’t the fabric cute? The foxes are an orangy-red and what better colour to use for binding than purple! Of course! Unfortunately I didn’t have purple thread but grey worked just as well.

photo 1

photo 2

Now the only thing I need is for the sun to stay out, so I can wear both my new tip-top tank tops. Or maybe I need to shop for more fabric and make a jacket to go with the tops. Umm…. Oh dear. My wardrobe is bursting at the seams already….



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