Crocheted potholders

Did you learn to crochet at primary school? I bet one of your first projects was to make a couple of potholders. They’re easy to make, after all, and they make good presents. Generations of parents and grandparents have proudly displayed slightly wonky potholders in their kitchens along with drawings of equally wonky people the size of trees on fridge doors.

My potholders were showing their age and I fancied doing a quick and easy crochet project as I’d just bought the fantastic Handbook of Crochet Stitches by Betty Barnden, a book which doesn’t show projects, but lists over 200 of different crochet stitches and tells you how to crochet them. The only thing I have to admit to not liking about this book is its (perhaps necessary) tendency to use abbreviations, which had me endlessly going back and forth to the glossary at the back of the book.

For my first potholder I chose the Two-Colour Wave Stitch. Except that I used three colours. The cotton I used is quite bulky and, when crocheted with a No. 4, becomes thick enough to be quite heat resistant – a good thing if you’re making potholders.


Three-Colour Wave Stitch










For a border, I repeated the same wavy pattern.










For my second potholder, I chose a waffle pattern I learnt at school. The nearest equivalent in the book is the Raised Treble Rib. It is a relief pattern which gives the potholder body and makes it particularly useful for holding hot things.

I enjoy bright colours, particularly the combination of purple plus red and the potholders do brighten up my kitchen quite a bit.



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  1. daniellajoe says:

    Both of them are lovely and colors are really happy 👌👌👌

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