Granny Baby Blankie

A few weeks ago, on my birthday, I ambled into Swansea Bay Yarns on a whim, sort of looking but not looking for a crochet project. I’d not done much crochet in a while and thought it would be fun to revisit a pattern I’d not tried since I was in my early teens: granny squares. The shop had just had a delivery of irresistibly summery cotton yarn & so I bought a few colours and started.

photo 1-1

Well, what can I say… After a couple of looks at online crochet tutorials (such as this one) to refresh my memory, there I was, crocheting away like I’d never stopped. I was particularly keen on having a border in the same colour so sewing/crocheting the squares together becomes invisible. (See this tutorial for joining granny squares.)

Granny squares are fantastic – as you’re not working on a huge piece, you can take them anywhere. And as you’re not using up too much brain power to crochet this pattern, you can crochet while attending to something else. I took them on a train…

photo 1


… and then to a conference. Brilliant…

photo 2-1

Soon my little collection of squares grew & I wondered what to make. Then: inspiration! A friend of mine had recently announced she was pregnant & I thought to myself that it was the perfect opportunity to make a baby blanket.

To add a bit of interest, I made some crocheted flowers from this tutorial and added them to a few of the squares.

photo 4


At first I wanted to make a fabric backing for this blanket. The backing fabric was to shine through the gaps in the pattern, but found that the gaps aren’t big enough. I might try the same idea with filet crochet – I’m sure that would work much better. As I’d already bought the fabric, I made a bag to go with the blanket.

photo 2


I was quite proud of the ensemble and I think my friend was pleased, too. Now to wait and see what the little one thinks when he’s born…



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