I’ve seen them around for a while – they’ve evidently come back into fashion: big, wide, slouchy pants with a crotch somewhere south of your knees. People call them palazzo pants or hareem pants. I can’t quite get used to those names: they seem to be wrong to me for many reasons. So, I call them my comfypants. Because that’s what they are: very, very comfortable.

photo 2

They’re kind of a cross between a skirt and a pair of jogging pants. I made mine with jersey fabric with a generous amount of lycra in it, so that they don’t develop bum and knee bulges.

So, how did I make them? Well, I just made them up, to be honest. This is the first time I didn’t buy a pattern, used a free pattern or made my own. I’d looked at a few YouTube videos, and while I didn’t want to copy the makers 100%, I felt emboldened enough to simply have a go myself. The resulting ‘pattern’ is very simple: I drew the basic shape on the fabric, cut it out, added a cuff at the top and two at each leg hole and I was done.

photo 3

Well, nearly. As usual I’d slightly underestimated how much fabric I needed. These pants swallow up a lot of fabric. So I had to patch up. I cut a few more pieces and added them to the middle section of the pants, where the crotch section of the pants was going to go, which meant that the fabric didn’t quite have to be the same length. Are you still with me? No? Ok, I’ll try to draw a picture…


Screen Shot 2015-09-06 at 19.44.51

This shows all the pieces from the front – the additional pieces are in the middle. The wonky lines (not quite so wonky in real life) are the cutting lines. I had two of these patchwork pieces, cut along the lines indicated & sewed the seams together. Adding the cuffs was a bit of a challenge since there was soo much material at the top and at the legs. But it worked. I also added two loops (not visible in the pictures) and am going to add a pocket later, which I’m going to dangle from the loops by means of a couple of small carabiners, which’ll make it a detachable pocket.

photo 1I’m very pleased with my non-hareem comfypants. They are great for lounging around at home, but I can also wear them outside the house. I’m not sure how they’ll cope with me cycling to work, mind…



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