Big Ba(n)g!

I think I wrote this before, but I’m not normally a girly girl. But when the subject is bags and shoes, I cannot resist. Admittedly, we’re talking Dr Martens boots rather than Jimmy Choos and messenger bags rather than Chanel creations, but I do love my bags and shoes. And now I made my very own messenger bag and am as pleased as Punch.

As per usual, I got my pattern from Pattydoo. The pattern contains bags in two sizes: Bonnie, the messenger bag, and Betty, a bag meant for nursery children, but probably also usable as a small, over-over-the-shoulder handbag. I went for Bonnie as I always have tons of stuff on me.

It’s wise to choose quite substantial fabric – I went for cord on the outside and canvas on the inside and additionally ironed in some interfacing. The bag is now stable enough, but could be a little stiffer. On the other hand, the fabric retained enough flexibility to make this project a breeze to sew.

photo 2

As usual, one begins by sellotaping the pattern (which comes as an ebook) together and then cutting out the fabric. Then things like the inner bag and velcro/buckles are sewn on.

photo 5

As my lovely cord fabric is so soft, I ironed on some extra interfacing before sewing on the straps for the D-Rings.

photo 1-1

Fixing the straps to the material (as well as the velcro) is tricky as you can’t pin them to the fabric very easily and simply not fixing them to the material probably results in wonky straps. Ina, in her video tutorial, uses a kind of double-sided sticky tape called ‘Stylefix’, which I haven’t got. So I decided to do it the old-fashioned way and fixed the strap in place with some gigantic zig-zag stitches, which I later removed.





And what drives my when I sew? Tea. Lots of it.

photo 3-1


And there we are – here’s my finished bag.


photo 3

I ended up making one change to the pattern. I re-sewed the straps for the D-Rings to fix them to the inner fabric (yellow canvas) as well as the outer fabric (the cord fabric with the birdies on) because, when I piled books into the bag to see what it would look like with contents, the straps looked as if they weren’t going to last very long. Now they are fixed to the inner fabric, some interfacing, some more interfacing and the outer fabric and, hopefully, will last a bit longer.

It is a very soft bag with plenty of room. And I do so like the cheery birds. Chirp, chirp!






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