Flowery kitchen curtain

It only seems like yesterday that I packed up stuff, drove other stuff to the tip, gave yet more stuff to the charity shop round the corner & otherwise got ready to move house. Now I’ve really settled into my wonderful new house & have put the nightmare that was the actual move behind me (!), I’ve begun noticing little things that could be improved. There are the big things, like a new boiler, some new radiators, a new window & potentially a new bathroom floor, of course, but I mean the stuff I can fix myself relatively easily – by means of things that are fun to make & not hugely expensive… One step at a time & all that…

I love my new kitchen cum dining room. For a small house, it is large, light & the sun comes in through the windows. The only thing I now needed was something to prettify one of the windows, without taking any of the light away. I’d seen a crocheted ‘curtain’ in a magazine – something resembling a beadScreen Shot 2015-10-25 at 11.24.36ed curtain like that. I didn’t quite fancy the way it looked – it was somehow a little too heavy.




So I started off by making the top bit & waited for inspiration to strike…

photo 2

The cotton is from one collection, which had come out over the summer. They are bright colours, which go with one another rather wonderfully.

photo 1

To make the ends look tidier, I crocheted around the zigzags & also added a line of double-treble crochets along the top for the curtain pole to go through. And this is what it looked like.

photo 5

I then made lots of little flowers like this…

photo 3-1

Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 11.33.07

The little mandalas are on the cover…

… as well as mandala-like ‘flowers’ like this, which I got from the fantastic book of crochet projects by Paula Matos, entitled Häkel Dich Glücklich (‘crochet yourself happy’), which had been a holiday purchase.

Here’s one of mine…

photo 4

The next step was to add the mandalas to the already finished zigzag piece.

photo 3-2

And then finally, I crocheted long lines of chains, and reinforced them by going back over them with chain stitches, so that they would be sturdy enough to carry some weight. I added leaves as I went along and also crocheted in wooden beads that I’d found on the street one day. For the ends of the lines, I’d crocheted around small marbles, to give the ‘vines’ some weight – but not too much. Lastly I sewed on my little flowers & one little owl from the book.


It’s a bit difficult to take a picture against the sun, as it were. The ‘curtain’ – such as it is – is wonderfully bright and adds a sense of fun to the room.


Now… I’ve got another big window & have already begun next ‘curtain’ – also made out of flowers…


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  1. That is wonderful – what an inspired creation!

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