Amigurumi Bunny

After I’d finished my first two Amigurumi toys, Doug the dog and Caitlin the cat, I was soon looking for other patterns. Making the dog and the cat taught me useful skills, such as increasing and decreasing crochet stitches and being able to gauge how, with the help of spaced increases and decreases, a round shape like a head is created. But I felt that particularly the cat pattern didn’t work 100% – I wanted to create something that looked a lot more like the epitome of the Japanese idea of the ‘cute’ animal: Hello Kitty. So, I went Pinterest-surfing and came up with the Flopsy Bunny by Miss Neriss. It’s a free pattern, which is always a bonus. And it looks so very cute – just what I wanted.

Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 15.23.49

‘Flopsy Bunny’ by Miss Neriss. Pattern and image copyright Miss Neriss

It seems that the name ‘Flopsy Bunny’ goes back to The Tale of the Flopsy Bunnies by Beatrix Potter. Mine is a Welsh Bunny, however, and so goes by the name of Bronwen. Bronwen Bunny.

And here she is:


I made her from some lovely sheep wool, ethically sourced from a no-kill flock in Carmarthenshire – well, I sourced it from Swansea Bay Yarns. She’s one-eared in that picture because you need slightly more than 50g of yarn & I needed to go back to the shop for some more wool. But she’s utterly adorable, with that wide-eyed look on that oversized head of hers. (Yes, I do understand the mechanisms of why we humans, particularly female humans, like toys/animals/etc. with big heads & small bodies, but that doesn’t stop me from finding her cute nonetheless, if that makes sense…)

My dog Penny also seems to enjoy sharing her bed with Bronwen. Or maybe she just likes the vaguely sheep-like smell….


I suspect there’ll be more cute Amigurumi – they’re so easy to make and so irresistible when finished…

Update September 2015:

Of course I couldn’t resist – I made another one.

photo 2-2



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