Doggy hoodie

… something else from the 2015 backlog…

Hoodie tops are just fantastic. I never (!) actually use the hood. But it is a fantastic way to use contrasting fabric and give a garment just that little bit of a playful air. I’d already made the Janice hoodie jacket from Pattydoo (pattern here, German-language video tutorial here) from jersey material (here). But, as autumn was approaching, I wanted to make another one from sweatshirt material, a black one with contrasting fabric & zipper. I already knew which contrasting fabric to use – I bought it a while back with just this end in mind.

Reader, I got carried away and just sewed and sewed and forgot to take pictures. But here’s a glut of them of the finished product.

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4

As you can probably see, the bottom cuff is quite tight. It appears cuffs come in different sizes and stretch – something that isn’t always obvious when you just look at it, as the thing comes as a tube. I ended up taking most of the cuff off again & inserting some more cuffing material & now the jacket looks much better (i.e. it has less of an 1980s feel about it. Ugh. Remember bomber jackets? Tight around your hips & then ballooning out? Not a good look.). Next time I’ll probably add some cuffing material to the bottom cuff straight away…


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