… more Amigurumi Bunnies

Who can stop at making just one of these lovely Flopsy Bunnies? Bronwen Bunny was the first, but definitely not the last. Here’s another – a present for a friend’s little daughter.

photo 3

And because this little girl has an even littler sister, I made a Bunny comforter. I’d seen one on Pinterest, but made it up along the lines of the original Flopsy Bunny pattern by Miss Neriss.

photo 2

The head and ears are much the same as in the original pattern, but scaled down. The arms are also similar, just don’t have the prominent paws of the original.

What’s really interesting is that this little bit of crocheted yarn immediately comes alive once you add eyes. At first it’s a round shape (not yet stuffed). Add two pieces of black round plastic and safety backings and it’s alive. Add stuffing, ears and a mouth and it’s an animal. The transformation is immediate and quite amazing.

photo 3

Who doesn’t want to give this little one a cwtsh?


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