Bright, happy, scrappy cushion cover

After spending some months not doing any EPP (English Paper Piecing; see a tutorial here) I was getting withdrawal symptoms. You know, I’d eye up my fabric stash, mooch past the fabric shop in town, look at the pre-cut hexies that came with a magazine sime time back. But I was good & finished my other project first. And then I fancied something nice and easy to get back into the swing of things.

So, I began cutting out fabric. I wanted to use as many scraps as possible, but ended up using some nice, new fabric, too…


I love getting started…

And no, my design wasn’t completely left to chance. I did lay it out on the floor first. Although I then moved some pieces about. The goal: to create an evenly crazy quilt top…


I then added a border with mitred corners & put a zip at the bottom. If you’re wondering about how to created mitred corners, check out this video tutorial.


I’m quite fond of this crazily bright & busy cushion cover. It goes well with my dangly flowery ‘curtain’. I’d planned to take this to my office to brighten it up a bit, but maybe I’ll leave it where it is…


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