Cwtshy comfy dog bed

Luckily we live in an area where my dogs rarely have to get in the car – we tend to walk everywhere. My little dog doesn’t mind the car, but my Labmaraner Penny used to get car sick when she was little and still doesn’t like them very much. But sometimes needs must, particularly when we go on our annual jaunt to Germany. To make them both more comfortable, I made them a new dog bed.

photo 21

This dog bed is entirely upcycled. It’s made from old denim and sweatshirt fabric. The bottom of the bed is lined with an old crocheted blanket that was beginning to look a big manky.

I began by measuring the width and breadth of the back seat of the car and drawing a template for the bottom of the dog bed. Then I patched together bits of denim and sweatshirt and cut out the desired shape:

photo 5

After that I also (carefully) cut out the shape of the lining – a little smaller than the denim and sweatshirt fabric.

photo 2-1

Then I attached the crocheted blanket to the denim and fixed them together with some very simple quilting lines.

photo 4-1

I made the sausage-like sides by sewing all the sweatshirt sleeves together (after having straightened them out & cutting off excess fabric & cuffs). I left the cuffs of one pair of sleeves as a feature…

This bit was definitely the hardest. I had to sew together denim, crochet blanket, sweatshirt and sweatshirt sleeves – 4 big layers. Luckily the dogs don’t mind that the seams are a little wonky on occasion. The sleeves are sewn in between inner and outer layer, so that – after the layers are turned inside out, no seam shows.

photo 1-2

Then I stuffed the sleeves with all-purpose toy polyester filling…

photo 3-2

… tied up the loose ends (sic) and was done!

photo 5-3  photo 1-3

The dogs appear to think it’s comfortable – they like cwtshing against the stuffed sleeves or resting their chin on them. It should also wash fairly well. And it does fit into the car exactly. Job done!

photo 11




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