Doggy togs

A few months ago, a friend of mine handed me a sewing pattern for a onesie for a dog. She’s got lots of small dogs, whom it kind of makes sense to dress up: a) it is cute as hell & b) some of them are Chinese Crested dogs, who do need an extra layer, particularly when it’s cold outside.

Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 11.53.21The Simplicity pattern can be bought from a variety of outlets. It is available for several sizes of dogs, although I think it’s probably best suited to small dogs.

The picture on the pattern suggests that a fleece fabric was used. I’m not sure if that actually works very well, unless the fabric stretches a bit. The onesie is quite snug and the pattern relies on you using stretchy fabrics – otherwise you probably have to lever your dog in with a shoe horn.

After my Christmas sewing bonanza, I had a few scraps left over and decided to give the pattern a go. It is a breeze to sew.


First I copied the correct size on my pattern paper. Then I cut out the fabric and, following the simple instructions, sewed the whole thing together with my overlocker. Only a couple of seams were done with my regular sewing machine.

And here it is.


I decided to try it out on Deri. Doesn’t he look heartbreakingly cute? It also doesn’t really fit him – it’s much too snug around his front (the sleeves shouldn’t stretch like that) and it’s a bit baggy around his hind quarters. And since he isn’t used to wearing doggy togs, he was quite relieved when I took the thing off him again.


And here’s Titus wearing it, the dog for whom I made the onesie in the first place.


Titus is a Chinese Crested/Chihuahua cross and is quite a bit slighter than Deri, while also being slightly taller. The onesie fits him perfectly! Doesn’t he look adorable? I’ll certainly revisit the pattern when I’ve got more scraps…


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