Crochet jacket in wintry colours

I’ve now made a few small crochet projects but was really keen to try something bigger. And I needed a new cardigan. So I was very pleased to find the pattern for the Petra cardigan in Inside Crochet (2015, Issue 70). But, curiously for me, who likes everything to be bright and colourful, I went with a muted palette of colours this time. The reason? The wool is organic, not overtreated wool from a local no-kill flock. The wool comes in three shades: off white, light brown/white and brown. In order to add a little something, I threw in a bit of purple.


The cardigan is crocheted in the round, which means you end up with sleeves that look like raglan sleeves.


After finishing the shoulder, one simply continues with the bodice, which has a bit of a waist to it. I left the pattern at this point and made up my own, as my body didn’t appear to conform to whatever the designer had in mind. Later, sleeves are added. The final bit is a largeish shawl-like border, which is added to the front. I should really have blocked it, but I quite like the effect as it is. The cardigan is not meant to be buttoned up but I added a button anyway – for added interest.


I’m quite pleased with the purple wool for the shawl bit. While the brown/white wool is lovely, it is also a tad scratchy. The purple wool (Debbie Bliss) is probably rather less ethically sourced (I’m keeping my fingers crossed here…) but it is tremendously soft & thus exactly the right thing to have near your neck and throat.

The cardigan is lovely and warm… and I’m ready to return to other, smaller crochet projects…


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