Millefiori #2

“Gut Ding will Weil haben.”

… or ‘Good Things Take Time’, as a German saying has it. And I have been taking my time with my La Passacaglia Millefiori quilt, partly because other, smaller projects kept getting in the way. My first post was what now seems a long time ago. I’ve managed to add another cog and sew all of them together.

Mille 2

Another cog is in the making, but I’m not sure about its placement yet.

Mille 3

And so it continues. Watch this space. But not too closely, as I’m already allowing myself to be distracted with other projects…


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3 Responses to Millefiori #2

  1. Jamie Y. says:

    This is amazing. Can’t wait to see the finished result!

    • alycevr says:

      Thank you! There’s a La Passacaglia group on FB where you can see many finished examples. It’s great fun… but takes a while to complete…

      • Jamie Y. says:

        It must take so much patience. My sewing skills don’t go beyond stitching on a button.

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