Funky Skulls are my Bag

It has probably become obvious that I’m a bit of a Pattydoo fan. The patterns look great, fit me well, and the video tutorials have taught me an awful lot about sewing. So when Ina from Pattydoo announced that there was going to be a book about bags, I sprang into action and ordered the book when it became available. And here it is – not available in English, unfortunately. I’m going to post a few images of the stages of making this bag, but since the pattern is copyrighted, I’m not going to add many details. You’ll just have to buy the book. 😉

Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 11.01.23

The book includes many cute bags, but I wanted to begin by making the one depicted on the cover, the ‘Hobo-Bag’. And as a friend’s birthday was coming up, I had the perfect excuse to dig around in my stash and get to work. The fabric is fairly thin, and for the bag to not be too wobbly, one has to affix a fairly thick interlining. I didn’t have anything like that, so used two layers of medium interfacing, which did the job, too.


Here’s me pinning the folds of the outer piece together. I adore this particular sugar skull-fabric, as it is crazily colourful.


And here is the same step again for the inner lining.


The bag includes an inserted zip, which, when opened extends the volume of the bag. It’s much easier to sew than I expected.


In this step the D-rings are secured to the uppermost part of the bag, which, in turn is affixed to the main body of the bag.


And now everything is sewn together.


The moment of truth: turning the bag inside out.


And here it is – my new best friend. Well, my friend’s new best friend.


And this what it looks like with extended volume. I’m pretty sure I’m going to make this bag for myself before long. In the meantime, Ina has published a tutorial about how a zip can be inserted into this bag, which is something that I’m very likely going to do – that, and add a couple of inner pockets. I can’t wait!


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