Sugar skull purse

I’m slowly but surely working my way through the bags I like in Pattydoo’s Taschenlieblinge Selber Nähen book of bags.

Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 11.01.23

One of the patterns on offer, which I found immediately attractive, is the purse.

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 11.29.07

It’s a whopper of a purse, with lots of room for credit and other cards, coins, pictures, notes, and whatever one wishes to carry around. The one thing I worried about is that I don’t like the huge, massive purses that are the fashion at the moment. But then another friend’s birthday came up & I thought it would make a good present.

So, here’s the finished article. I love this fabric. It is so wild and crazily colourful.


The purse is straightforward enough to sew. But one needs the right sort of interfacing, and one has to sew pretty accurately, otherwise the different pieces don’t fit together.


One begins with the main body of the purse. Then you sew the card compartments and the inner pockets.


And then you put it all together. This is when it things get tricky, because you’ve got a fair few layers of fabric (and interfacing) by now. Particularly sewing across the folds of the flap to attach the inner pockets can be tricky. My advice: go back to basics and hem those seams by hand before going over them again with your machine, as the inner pockets are quite likely to do a disappearing act if you attempt to fix everything together in one go.


And here we are. All steps are explained in detail in the book, and, given that there is such a thing as copyright, I won’t explain any further.


So what do I make of it? I love the feel of the purse, the fastener, and how roomy it is. But, as I thought, it’s just a size too big for me. If I make it for myself, I’ll probably reduce the size. Unfortunately, my lovely skulls fabric really has gone now, as I’ve already made another bag with it….


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3 Responses to Sugar skull purse

  1. I love the skull print! I recently just got a sewing machine and I need a new project to try.

  2. Bobbie says:

    I LOVE your skull purse Alyce. I like large purses and on his note I made myself one, it has a zip fastening but I like you clasp fasteners. I really enjoyed making it. I would like to send you a photo but don’t know how.

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