First ‘Vicky’. Then ‘Big Vicky’. And now: ‘Ultimate Vicky’!

Vicky is one of the free patterns produced by Pattydoo (German-language video tutorial here), which are meant to lure us into their lair, so that we start making lots of stuff after Pattydoo patterns. In my case, this ploy completely worked, as this blog testifies. But I hadn’t got round to making this particular cosmetics bag because, well, I have very little use for cosmetics & thus need no bag to put them in. And I already have plenty of washbags for when I go on holiday.

But what intrigued me were the many differently-sized Vickys produced by the members of the Pattydoo FB group. They tend to be based on the slightly larger version, Big Vicky, which also includes inner pockets. The best I’ve seen were enlarged to up to 200% and about sportsbag-sized.

Now, I needed (ok, ok, wanted) a bag for my knitting and crochet, for when I’m on the move and to stow away the stuff nicely at home. So I enlarged the Big Vicky pattern to 125%, which wasn’t a mean feat. My printer ended up swallowing some of the pattern and I had to improvise with another sheet of paper and a pencil. I wonder if other printers allow one to shift around an image on preview, so that the whole image is printed…

Never mind, I managed.


The fabric is cut on the fold and you end up with two pieces of fabric, inner fabric and outer fabric, and potentially some interfacing to give the fabric stability. I used Vilene Vlieseline H630 iron-on low loft volume fleece for the outer fabric as well as ordinary medium iron-on interfacing for the inner fabric. I didn’t use interfacing for the inner pockets.


Here’s the finished outer fabric. Anything you want to add to the bag, like straps, outer pockets, appliqués etc., have to be affixed before you sew the bag together. I clipped my bag straps together so I wouldn’t accidentally sew over them when I closed the seams of the bag.


And here’s the inner fabric with added inner pockets (see the Big Vicky tutorial for instructions).

After this step, you sew on the zipper. As I used continuous zipper, this step was a piece of cake! I can’t recommend continuous zippers enough – they are bigger than normal-sized zippers, which makes sewing easier, you can add one or two sliders (which is, admittedly, a bit fiddly), and you can cut them to any length that’s required.


And here’s the finished bag.


And as you can see, my crochet blanket-in-the-making is very happy in it…



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One Response to First ‘Vicky’. Then ‘Big Vicky’. And now: ‘Ultimate Vicky’!

  1. ftmmax says:

    Very very neat, dear! Made my third ‘kerchief q
    Yesterday. Learning a lot on the way.

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