Puppy heaven

Well, that may be overstating things somewhat. But when I decided to adopt a new puppy into my life, a fantastically cute 5-month old Chinese Crested (Powderpuff) dog called Dylan…


…, he needed a blanket. Of course! So I had a look in my box of fabric scraps and set to work. I wanted to make a blanket that is both durable and comfy, so chose jersey fabrics for one side and denim/cotton fabrics for the other.

The blanket is ever so simple. I figured that Dylan doesn’t really care about aesthetically arranged patterns and went for the simplest pattern imaginable: squares.


I created a template & off I went. It’s much more efficient, of course, to cut strips of fabric and then to cut off your squares from that. But I was using up old, wonky fabric scraps, so didn’t have that option. Using a template was easiest.


Hours later. Here’s my pile of squares. Sewing them together was a breeze, as I was using my overlocker. It actually took me longer to cut the squares than to sew the whole blanket together.


After sewing both sides together, I created a quilt sandwich, using an old fleece blanket as lining. Again on the grounds of Dylan’s probable lack of appreciation of my as yet underdeveloped free-motion quilting skills, I went for a very simple quilt pattern: circles. One thing I found is that stretchy fabrics aren’t that easy to quilt because they move around and – well – stretch. My walking food prevented major disasters, but it doesn’t look as clean as I’d normally want it to look.

As a last step I added some binding – also scraps.


Here’s my dog Penny road-testing the blanket. If you squint, you can see the quilt pattern.


The quilt now adorns Dylan’s crate. I can’t say that he always likes the crate, but I think he does enjoy his blanket…


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2 Responses to Puppy heaven

  1. Bobbie says:

    Both of your dogs look adorable, so does your quilt!

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