If cafetieres want to keep warm… so do mugs!

A while ago, I made a cafetiere cosy to keep my coffee warm for longer. My mugs saw this and they were envious. Very envious. So I promised to make them some coats, too…

Ahum. Well, that’s one possible version of events. Whatever drove me, I found myself taking up my crocheting hook & some wool and created this lot.

photo 3

photo 2            photo 1

photo 3-1

Like the little butterfly?

photo 2-1   photo 4-1

If you want to clothe your mugs, too, you can do the following. Start with around 60 chain stitches (or however many you need to create a chain that goes once round your mug). Close the chain and crochet the next few rows in the round. I used single crochet stitches. Then divide the row: don’t crochet the last two stiches (this leaves enough space for the handle) and begin crocheting back and forth as you normally do up to the desired height. I built in wavy lines – to make the pattern look more interesting. Then crochet a row of either chain stitches or single crochet stitches all the way around, incorporating a loop, which goes above the mug handle. You’ll later add a button and fix the loop over it. Then adorn your mug warmer with all manner of silliness – flowers, butterflies, trees, birds… There are YouTube videos galore if you need inspiration/tutorials.

These make wonderful little gifts for a friend with a sense of humour… 😉


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One Response to If cafetieres want to keep warm… so do mugs!

  1. Marion says:

    perfect for spring !

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