Dressed for success!

You may recall that I made some doggy togs a while ago. Recently I found a nice little t-shirt in the area in which I regularly collect litter. People throw away the oddest stuff: I now have a nice little collection of cutlery, food containers, discarded clothes and the like. Some of it has stayed, some of it has gone to charity. The owner of the shirt evidently couldn’t be bothered to come back for it, so I bagged it thinking that it might come in useful some day.

And so it has. It was perfect for the new doggy onesie I was planning. I had to use scraps from another t-shirt as it wasn’t quite enough fabric, but the two go together quite well, I think.


I used the same ‘Simplicity’ pattern that I used for the original doggy onesie. It’s very simple to sew.


As you can see, the back legs are supposed to be from the same material as the main part of the body, but I just didn’t have enough. I rather like the effect – it almost looks as if there are ‘trousers’. I may refine this way of adding a new fabric to the pattern.


And here’s my dog Deri wearing it. Once again it’s a bit snug on him, but will hopefully fit the dog it’s meant for perfectly.




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