Lead character

Sometimes I like to make something just to prove a point. It’s not as if dog leads and collars weren’t available cheaply enough. But when I realised that a) webbing from my local climbing supply shop is dead cheap and b) I had the basic materials from older leads and collars that were on the way out, a plan was hatched.


And sometimes thinking about this stuff is a lot easier than doing it. Sewing webbing is not hard and my sewing machine copes fine. It’s the sewing round corners with D-Rings and buckles already in place that proved difficult, well, impossible. So I ended up sewing back and forth what seemed like a hundred times to make this lead and collar combo as sturdy (and safe) as I possibly could.


Given the rather ham-fisted way I went about doing this, the result ain’t half bad.


The material is very soft and comfortable, and hopefully will stay like that for a long time. And as for the collar…


… Penny seems to be ok with wearing it…


The colours are a trifle understated – I prefer my colours bold and brash. However, this grey and blue lead/collar combo is usually being worn with a bright pink harness, so Penny still gets to make her statement. And the stuff cost me around £5. Bargain.


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