What goes around…

Don’t you just love a good bit of upcycling? When I bought my overlocker, I also bought a few extra large second-hand t-shirts from a charity shop, so that I could have a play with my new toy without wrecking any nice new fabric. One of these shirts was still languishing in my stash. But at the weekend I suddenly knew what I wanted to do with it.

Like last summer, I’m probably going to spend this one living in leggings. They’re marvellous. But I don’t want to wear them with ordinary t-shirts: I’d quite like to cover my derrière. So a long shirt works fine (such as the pattern Sophie by Pattydoo, see my examples here), but what’s also great is a shirt with a bit of a ‘skirt’ to it. My first effort was also an upcyling project. My to-be-upcycled shirt was a purple polo shirt. I wanted to retain the button border and collar, but basically change everything else.

Out came the scissors…


I didn’t just cut this by guess and by gosh. I do have a t-shirt pattern and a mini-skirt pattern, which came from my last upcycling project….

First of all, the brand logo had to go. I found a nice print and had a go at appliquéing it. I really enjoyed it – I’m sure there’ll be more appliqué work in future garments…


I used fabric I had left over from one of my oversize shirts for the sleeves and for the skirt. The whole ensemble now looks like this:


The bodice is basically the full length of the shirt, which means it goes down to my hip. Low-waisted 1920s dresses used to look like this. Not in jersey, of course.

Here’s me trying to get a decent snap in the mirror. Am being photobombed by little Deri, as per usual.


It works great with my leggings, and while a shorter bodice would have flattered my shape better, this is potentially more comfy.


I’ve already some new material for new leggings, which will look perfect in combination with these colours. Can’t wait to get going…



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