Millefiori #3

And another update on my La Passacaglia Millefiori quilt. It is very slow work, particularly when it comes to the big rosettes. Not that I mind it being slow work: I like slow. And now I have finished by second large rosette & attached it to the main part, & I’m very pleased with it.

Here’s my rosette.


As usual, it developed as I went along. At first I thought about a green-red-purple colour scheme, but ended up putting some blue in as well for good measure. Given that my quilt is thus developing organically (ahem, meaning I don’t plan ahead), I’m quite agreeably surprised that it all goes together quite well.


I can’t wait to see where the next rosette will take me…


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2 Responses to Millefiori #3

  1. That is beautiful! I’m sure at some point I’ll end up making one of these. I can definitely see that choosing colors would be one of my biggest challenges.

    • alycevr says:

      Thank you for your kind words! It’s the kind of quilt where you’d do well to plan ahead. In my case, I work from rosette to rosette & hope for the best. It’s worked so far, thankfully. There’s a group on Facebook, which is devoted to this quilt alone & you could get lots of inspiration for your project there.

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