Snowflake quilt

Sometimes I get so caught up in making new stuff, I forget to post whatever project I’ve just finished. So it happened with this quilt. I’ve now been happily sitting on it for months but only recently discovered that I hadn’t posted about it. So here it is – my snowflake quilt.

photo 3-3

My first quilt was made using the EPPer’s favourite shape: the hexagon. I wanted a second quilt for my other sofa, and, when I looked for a nice pattern on Pinterest, my eye was drawn to this snowflake pattern. It’s both easy and quick to make.

photo 5

You simply choose a middle hexagon, and then six other hexagons to go around it, as if you were making the grandmother’s flower garden pattern. And then add six more to the sides to extend the flower into a snowflake. The snowflakes naturally interlink – the only thing you need to keep in mind is that your rows are done diagonally.

photo 3-1

In my case, I chose to fill in the remaining bits not with half-snowflakes but with red fabric. And as for the quilting? I’m still a bit scared of machine quilting anything other than straight lines and thought I’d try hand-quilting.

photo 2-6

I echoed the shape of the snowflakes with bright yellow yarn and quilted a ring pattern on the red fabric.

photo 1-3

I enjoyed the hand-quilting process but must admit that I chose the wrong yarn. I used embroidery yarn, which isn’t half as tear-resistant as it needs to be. I may have to do the work again with proper embroidery yarn before long.

Nevertheless, I’m happy with my bright snowflake quilt.

photo 5-1

It brightens up my sofa no end!


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