Sofa Throw

Welcome to the project I privately call my ‘endless project’ – ‘endless’ because it’ll keep me endlessly occupied. God knows what made me do it, but a little while ago I began crocheting a sofa throw. Will I ever finish it? I’m not sure. Currently it looks like I might need a new sofa before the throw for it is finished.


I’m crocheting strips of varying width and ca. 1.50m length. The stitch I’m using is called ‘seed stitch’. You begin by crocheting an odd number of chain stitches. In the second row, you begin by crocheting a double stitch (UK terminology) into the third chain stitch, continuing with a double, then a treble, then a double, then a treble, until you have reached the end of the row. In the next row, you simply crochet trebles where doubles are in the first row, and vice versa. That means that the ‘up, down, up, down’ of the first row is evened out in the second. It’s very easy, and you end up with this pleasingly textured pattern. Here’s a tutorial for the seed stitch. I used the same stitch for my cardigan… The wool is from the fantastic folk at New Lanark Woollen Mill. The website assures me that the wool is organic and British, which I hope translates to acceptable welfare standards for the sheep. Ever since I got interested in animal ethics, I get a bit twitchy when it comes to the question of how wool traders source their wool…

After I’ve finished all the strips, I plan to sew them together. Hopefully the different coloured stripes won’t quite align, so that the finished article will have a patchwork kind of a look about it. I might also add a border for a cleaner look.


As you can see, I’m now busily working on my second strip.

There’s something about big, massive projects that I find inherently attractive. It’s a bit like getting into a big, juicy Victorian novel: you know it’s going to last you for a bit. That’s not to say that I don’t enjoy quick projects – it’s nice to begin a piece of sewing, for example, and have a finished item of clothing by the end of the afternoon. This kind of undemanding, large project is different: here it’s truly about the journey rather than the goal, as the goal is so far off. And the repetitive nature of the pattern has something meditative about it. You can let your thoughts wander, you can take your project to conferences and listen attentively while making progress (as I did), and you can have conversations and still not mess up your pattern.


I’m sure I’ll post updates to chart the progress of this big whale of a project. If I ever get there…


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