What every doggy needs…

… is a bathrobe. Really. Honestly. Especially if they’re very fluffy dogs like my little Dylan, who is a Chinese Crested Powderpuff.

Say hello, Dylan…


Hi there!

Dylan has the kind of fur that tangles when you look at it funny. Especially when he gets wet. And not only does it rain a fair bit where I live, Dylan also enjoys zooming about in dewy grass, lying down in moist heather, doing somersaults into puddles – you get the picture. In weather conditions in which the other two come home with slightly moist paws, Dylan returns home drenched.

And so I thought I’d make him a bathrobe, i.e. a towel that stays on and looks cute. I’ve made a couple of doggy onesies before (for Titus the Chihuahua x Chinese Crested, see here and here). So I had a general idea of what a pattern could look like. But I didn’t have a doggy bathrobe pattern, and bravely decided to create one by myself.


It was easier than expected. I’d had some experience of drawing/amending patterns for myself. And I had the doggy tog pattern for comparison. I created a pattern with a rounded back, long sleeves and a hood…

To be sure, I followed the advice of all pattern designers: make a muslin. Thank goodness I did. The robe I’d made looked funny and kinda cute, but I’d made a couple of mistakes…


Mistake #1: dogs have no shoulders to speak of. The robe does not need shoulders either.

Mistake #2: dogs do have necks – the hood was far too small…



Look at that poor blind dog…

Mistake #3: the sleeves were too tight. Dylan has rather stick-like legs, but in a bathrobe you want plenty of room.

So I amended the pattern and sacrificed an elderly bath towel. My mum used to own a jeans and leisure wear shop, and, back in the 1980s, lots of jeans brands had terrifically butch names. The towel was a freebie handed out by a company called Rifle. Along with Mustang and Wrangler, they bit the dust long ago. Hang on, Wrangler might still be around. But I digress…

IMG_2876 IMG_2872

Here is the finished article. The hood could still be a trifle larger perhaps, but other than that, the robe fits Dylan to a t.


How cute is that?

And just to show that it does what it is supposed to do, here are a couple of pictures of a rather damp Dylan.

IMG_2895 IMG_2883

The bathrobe stayed on for a couple of hours & he was almost dry, with his fur magically still untangled. Fantastic. I’m already plotting to make a little one for Deri. Just for the cuteness factor, as he doesn’t really need one…



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