Let sleeping dogs lie…

… on carpet. Dogs like carpet, there’s no question about that. Just look at Dylan, who’s made himself a little nest out of old carpet samples:


These very same carpet samples turned up in the office of a local doggy day care centre, and the obvious thing to make are doggy mats for the dogs staying at the centre.

But how to go about it? At first I thought I might have to punch holes through the sides of the samples in order to be able to sew them together. I also worried that the samples would fray. But, thankfully, they’re all hemmed, presumably because prospective customers would look askance at fraying carpet samples.

So, it was simplicity itself to sew the carpet tiles together. I got some nylon yarn & set to work.


I clamped the tiles together with clothes pegs right sides facing and then simply used an overcast stitch to sew them together.


At first I sewed 9 tiles together, but this dog mat is a trifle large, so I used just 6 tiles for all the other mats.


Unfortunately, not all the tiles are the same size, so I’m going to end up with a few wonky mats. Don’t think the dogs will care, mind…

Here’s Penny roadtesting the mats. I think she likes them:


I’m looking forward to happy doggy faces at the doggy daycare centre when they realise they can bed down on carpet from now on…


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